24/7 Customer Care

What is 24/7 Support?

In the simplest sense, 24/7 Customer Care means providing our clients with live help at all times. We employ Professional IT Support Technicians and fulfill this commitment in a handful of ways:

Phone support calls are distributed to support staff in our global care team
Live chat support is provided using this websites chat system or using chat via WhatsApp directly from our contact us page
Self-service support is available from Knowledge base articles viewable within our chat system, FAQs are also available to help clients without live interaction

Benefits of 24/7 Customer Care

Support Staff across the world

Our support staff are ready to help every day with technical support staff in India, UK, America and Australia. So, wherever you conduct business we guarantee a fast response to issues you may have. Some companies offer support using bots but we believe it’s important to speak directly with a human!

The benefits of having 24 hours support with Blue Monet means that your business runs stress free relating to your online presence, and all services managed in house.

Time Zones Covered
Effecive Response Times
Existing Client Satisfaction

Why have 24/7 support?

As written in Forbes Magazine, “a company is only as good as their clients perceive them to be”, this is a truth of online company’s and why 24/7 customer service is essential to developing the reputation of your company. We’ve realised that our customers are no longer happy to just read our FAQs to find a solution and don’t want to wait for an email response! Instead, they want to speak to a real human being who can deal with their problem there and then.

This is the reverse of many companies that are impossible to get in touch with after they have your money.

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